Grey Skies + Confetti was created by Rosa Romero who has always had a passion for introspection, learning and writing. With a technical background in graphic communications and web design, and a gradual proclivity towards personal development, health and psychology she was able to make this blog a reality.

Grey Skies + Confetti symbolizes the highs and lows of life. This passion project came about when Rosa was going through a significant transition in her life that brought out a fair share of grey and thunderous skies, along with a warm welcome of joyful and confetti-filled moments. To help balance these periods of darkness and happiness, she created this blog to cultivate her joy of writing about topics that have helped inspire her and helped her climb out of challenging depths.

The goal of Grey Skies + Confetti is to provide insightful and research-based articles in various topics that will help cultivate mindfulness, reflection and awareness of areas concerning healthy living, personal growth and mental wellness to help motivate others and enhance their quality of life.

We hope you take away something valuable from our content. Please note that Grey Skies + Confetti is not supported by or affiliated with any organization. If you have any questions or comments, get in touch by sending an email or connecting through social media.

Happy reading!